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To rank the best online p oker rooms we have created 4 categories: A, B, C, D and 5 evaluation criteria: keshout speed, bonuses, reliability, software and support.

The better the scores, the higher the category (rating) of the room.

In addition to these criteria we evaluated rake and rakeback, traffic, choice of available disciplines, payment methods and other important aspects. Our task is to study all the nuances and provide a clear picture of the rating of sites.

Thanks to our list of rooms, both regular and recreational players will be able to find the optimal room.

How we rank the best poker rooms

There are four categories in our list of rooms on the site: A, B, C, and D.

ATop Category. This includes the biggest whales of the poker market. Here there are usually no difficulties with withdrawals. For beginners it is recommended to choose a poker room from this category.
BSmaller poker rooms that can be given a positive rating rather than a negative one. Here there will not be a wide field of players, but you can try to form a bankroll with the help of no-deposit bonuses or freerolls.
CIn this category you will find some exotic poker rooms or reservations. Check if registration is available for CIS players.
DThis “group of death” includes poker rooms that are closed or under closure due to fraudulent activities. We strongly recommend not to contact them if you do not want to lose money.

Poker rooms by category

For some of the players it is important that the room has a fast withdrawal, for others – a weak field of players. Everyone has different requests, so we have prepared a breakdown of the best offers by criteria.

Using filters, you can quickly select the rooms that meet the request. We have selections by available currencies, payment methods, OS. You can also set the poker format and discipline you are interested in. To do this, tick the appropriate boxes in the top left of this page.

How to choose a good poker room?

There are many criteria for choosing a poker room. We will familiarise you with the most important ones.


The most reliable poker rooms fall into the A category. Here the player pool numbers hundreds of thousands of poker players, and the experience in the industry often exceeds 10 years.

You can determine a reliable room by verification, software quality, speed of keshout, level of professionalism of the support. Agree, if you are fiddling with verification and can not withdraw a small amount for more than a week, there are doubts about the integrity of the administration.

Fortunately, there are Cardmates, who have already checked all the popular rooms and deduced the top reliable sites for their readers 😇



If you’re registering from us, don’t forget about the promo code. Get exclusive plushies from the room 😉

In a separate column we have the D category of rooms. This is where the scammers with a bad reputation to say the least. We do not recommend registering in these rooms.


this criterion evaluates the software of the poker room and the possibility of using third-party software when playing. Most professional players use poker software, so if you understand the mathematics of poker and are going to use poker statistics as an additional advantage, you should find out if the selected poker room does not prohibit the use of this software.

There are also rooms with inbuilt software that allows you to opt out of any trackers and HADs

Poker rooms with decent software:

  • PokerStars
  • Pokerok
  • 888poker
  • PokerMatch

Player Field

The weaker the field of players, the more profitable it is for a poker player, as he can constantly make money on his opponent’s stupid mistakes. On the other hand, if you want to learn how to play poker well, it makes sense to play against the strongest players to gain experience.

The latter way is dangerous and fraught with financial consequences, as beginners are easy food for poker sharks. Therefore, novice poker players are advised to choose poker rooms with a weak field.

For convenience in the functionality of the site we have a separate filter with the rooms where the weak field is presented.

Poker rooms with a weak field of players:

Poker RoomWeakness of the field on a 10-point scale
RedStar Poker8
Unibet Poker9

Poker room traffic

Availability of play at any time of the day, and especially during the “hot” hours is an important criterion when choosing a site to play at. Surely you have faced a sad situation, when you have a couple of hundred dollars on your account, which are begging for a move, and at the tables three and a half opponents… ☹️

In order not to be painfully painful, we suggest you to read our reviews beforehand. There is information about traffic.

Шаг 1

Step 1

Open the list of rooms. Click on the name of the room or on the “Review” button.

Лучшие покер румы
Шаг 2

Step 2

The traffic in the daytime and evening time is indicated in the table of key information.

Покер рум обзор

This way you can protect yourself from unpleasant surprises and register in a room that meets all expectations.

Traffic in popular rooms:

Pokerok: Daytime: 70,000, evening: 220,000

PokerStars: 35,000 during the day, 80,000 in the evening

PartyPoker: Daytime: 5,800, evening: 12,000

888poker: Daytime: 6,000, Evening: 11,000

New venues

Many poker players have a special feeling for new rooms. And we understand this love 😉 The sites, which are new to the niche, gather a pool of players due to freerolls, generous bonus programmes and loyal attitude to users (fast verification, instant withdrawal, intuitive interface). It makes sense to pay attention to the rooms that have been operating for no more than 5 years.

Comparatively new poker rooms with decent software:

Poker RoomAdvantages
PokerOKLarge number of favourable promotions, weak field of players, high traffic
PokerMatchProfessional support service, wide range of poker formats, fast withdrawals
RIO PokerAppearance and functionality of software, anonymous players, Holdem Manager support
PartyPoker SochiHigh-quality graphics, good software, support for poker trackers

Top rooms with bonuses

Here we are with the categories, let’s move on to the promotions🎁

For newcomers who have not yet formed an impressive bankroll, this characteristic is very important. New users have access to no-deposit bonuses, that is, after registration you immediately get a few 💵 to your account, or tournament tickets. There are known cases when players won thousands of dollars from them.

The best poker rooms with bonuses:

  • 888poker
  • PokerOK
  • PartyPoker
  • PokerMatch

Cardmates poker room reviews from real Cardmates players

You can’t always judge a poker room by its reviews, but it’s still a very important criterion for choosing a poker room. Click the “Leave a Review” button to the right of the poker room’s name and you’ll be taken straight to the right section. In it you can read the impressions of real players.

we strive to ensure that our readers find useful information and answers to the questions they are interested in. So that after reading them, you can understand whether this or that poker room is suitable for you or not, and decide for yourself whether you should register and play here. To combat spam, dishonest and uninformative reviews on our site we have “Rules for publishing reviews of poker rooms”, we recommend you to read them before sharing your own impressions from the game.

Bottom line

Choosing a poker room is very important both at the start of your career and for regulars. For those who are just taking their first steps in poker, the initial impression of the game can be crucial:

  • If the roum’s interface is intuitive, there is a Russian-speaking support, there are no problems with verification and withdrawal, the poker player will want to continue his career.
  • If the traffic in the room is weak, the support service takes a long time to respond, and among the opponents are toothy regulars using third-party software, there will be no desire to continue to develop in this area.

If you have any doubts about registration in this or that room, write to us – there is a contact form in the upper right corner of any page.



In order to develop in poker and become an earning regular, it is important not only to study poker strategies, but also to sit down at the table with a cool head, observing the rules ofResponsible Gambling. Good luck!

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